On Race

Billboard Racists & The Iceberg They Provide Cover For

April 30, 2014


By Jay Kirell   The way we see racism today in America is, in a lot of ways, like how we see icebergs. The Cliven Bundys of the world, the Donald Sterlings of the world, the Paula Deens of the world – those type of folks occupy the visible part of bigotry and racial superiority.  The tiny portion […]

NBA Star David West Goes Off On Twitter About Donald Sterling

April 26, 2014


By Jay Kirell   Criticism of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been coming in a torrent from across the sports universe.  Former Lakers legend Magic Johnson already stated he won’t be attending games as long as Sterling owns the franchise.  Current Lakers legend Kobe Bryant tweeted out he couldn’t see himself playing […]

We’re All Lannisters Now

April 26, 2014


By Jay Kirell This has been quite the week for tribalism. Working our way around the world, President Obama traveled to Japan and South Korea, where he assured them he loves them both equally (but slightly more than China).  Russia continued to treat Ukraine like a certain Nevada cattle rancher treats federal land.  Afghanistan has started thawing out […]

The Racists We Love

April 25, 2014


By Jay Kirell I’ll be open about this. I’ve had racist family members, racist co-workers and sometimes even racist friends. As a child I grew up around relatives who never gave a second thought to tossing out words you wouldn’t say unless you were surrounded by those you trust. Words that I won’t repeat here, but […]

Cliven Bundy & The Joy of Being White

April 24, 2014


By Jay Kirell   Cliven Bundy. A person not worthy of much support, yet receives it because… A person who woke up this morning not in Federal custody because… A person with a national media platform because… Because…because…because… …because of the obvious reason. …because the unspoken reason. …because of the real reason. Because he’s white.


Extremist Views Go To War, They Don’t Come From Them

April 16, 2014


By Jay Kirell Today’s New York Times Op-Ed section had a rather controversial opinion piece by Kathleen Belew on the history of white supremacists and the Army.  In it, Belew writes about the shooting in Kansas by Frazier Glenn Miller, a noted white power advocate and veteran, who killed three people on Sunday: “Mr. […]

Why The WWE Paying Tribute To “Warrior” Is The “Ultimate” Insult

April 12, 2014


By Jay Kirell Recently two things occurred in the world of professional wrestling that shook its fans to the very core.  First, the performer known as The Undertaker (real name Mark Calloway) lost for the first time at the WWE’s flagship pay-per-view event – WrestleMania.  An outcome even the most tuned-in wrestling fans never saw coming. […]

Justin Bieber Arrested – Twitter Blames Black People

January 23, 2014


By Jay Kirell When news of pop star Justin Bieber’s arrest in Florida for DUI and resisting arrest broke on Twitter, the social-media outlet – not surprisingly – exploded. Discussions of what this meant for the singer’s career were started. Talk about his now-infamous mugshot focused on his smiling face and twinkling eyes. And many […]

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