A few questions I’ve encountered since I’ve started this blog.

1.  Why don’t you allow comments ?

I don’t like comment sections.  I much prefer the style Andrew Sullivan set up where people email him comments instead of just posting them publically. Most comment sections are sewers, especially in political blogs.   No thanks.

*Update*  I’ve opened up the floor to comments as a test run.  Have at it.

2.   Why did you join the Army?

I went to school to be a journalist.  I left before my senior year because I got a job offer at a newspaper.  Not completing the degree cost me later on in life.  The GI Bill was enough of an enticement to enlist.

3.  Who did you write for?

Most of my writing was done at a very old weekly newspaper in Huntington, NY called “The Long-Islander” – it was started by Walt Whitman.  I’ve also done print work for The Baltimore Sun, Newsday and Pro Wrestling Illustrated (don’t laugh).  I’ve bounced around on a few sports and entertainment websites as well.

4.  Why does your name sound familiar?

You might be thinking of my cousin, Andrew Kirell, who is the editor of Mediaite.

5.  What was Afghanistan like?

Hot in the summer.  Cold in the winter.  Generally unpleasant with brief moments of awe-inspiring beauty.

6. What unit were you with?

The five-oh-deuce.

7. You saw combat?

That’s what my Combat Infantryman Badge says.

8. What other awards did you get?



9. Can I please comment on a story somewhere?

Fine. This blog has a facebook page. You can comment there if you’d like.

10. What does “The Sterling Road” Mean?

I wrote about it in my very first post on this blog. It’s your job to find it.


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