This first video is a drive through a village that was across the highway from my outpost. It was a town called Dashtek. I loved driving through this town because it was on the North side of Highway One in the Zhari District of Kandahar, and at least during my deployment, nothing bad ever happened in the villages on that side of the road. Most likely because there were no escape routes for the Taliban like they were on the heavily-vegetated Southern side of Highway One.

I might be one of the first Americans to ever set foot in this village.


This second video is a walk-through of my outpost and where I lived.

Via the description on my Youtube page:

This is video shot in the spring of 2011 of the building where my platoon from the 101st Airborne spent our deployment.

It was originally built as a school house for Afghan children. Once the Taliban rose to power they closed down the school. The Afghan Police then re-took the school in a bloody battle, only to be ambushed months later in the middle of the night where a dozen or so ANP were executed in a single room (which nobody from our platoon slept in – we used it as the interpreters’ room).

When I arrived in the summer of 2010 the average temperature was 120-degrees and our sleeping quarters didn’t have air conditioning. Oh, and we didn’t have running water for the first four months I was there either. This video is shot well after that. Those tents in the back were for another company from the 101st that joined us in the last few months and a unit from the 10th Mountain Division that replaced us at the very end of our deployment. We were the unit that comprised the “surge” President Obama initiated early in his presidency.


From Chris Hayes’s All-In show on MSNBC. Many thanks to them for this, even if they did bungle the graphic and quote a bit.



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